California Health Care Power of Attorney (5 FACTS)

What is a Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA)

Making health care power of attorney means designating someone as your spokesperson for your health care decisions; if you are not in a position to make communicative decisions about aspects of your health care.

Without proactively putting in place a California Health Care Power of Attorney, your loved ones may need to petition the probate court for permission to make decisions on your behalf.

Another name for Health Care Power of Attorney is Advanced Health Care Directive (AHCD)

Most people often confuse the health care power of attorney with a living will. But a living will is only valid for conditions like terminally illness or permanent unconsciousness or other end-stage situations.

On the other hand, health care power of attorney covers situations where you are in need of someone to make medical decisions on your behalf. Here are some things you need to know about California’s health care power of attorney:

Health Care Power of Attorney

  1. You need to fill the California Power of Attorney for Health Care form. It must be signed by you and two witnesses or a California Notary.
  2. It is not permissible to allow an employee of any of your health care providers to sign as a witness. Also, one of the witnesses should be outside of your family, to ensure that he/she doesn’t gain anything from your estate if you are dead.
  3. The California health care power of attorney is only valid when your primary physician decides that you are unable to make a knowledgeable decision about your medical care.
  4. By appointing a health care power of attorney you are authorizing him/her to make decisions on the treatments, procedures, and medications performed on you; choosing your health care providers; Whether to take any tests on you; Whether to use life-support system; Whether resuscitation is required in the event your heart gave out or your breathing stops; What to do with your bodily remains after you have expired.
  5. You can also include specific instructions to your agent in the document, in the event you have particular demands about your health care.

The Health Care Power of Attorney is one piece of our comprehensive estate plans. If you want to make a health care POA, contact one of our estate planning attorneys immediately.

An attorney will help you finish this process effortlessly and ensure that the agent you choose will be able to take action on your behalf.

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