4 Famous Legal Quotes Business Owners Will Love

The law has more than its fair share of famous practitioners. It’s a profession that a plethora of renowned individuals, from ancient philosophers to presidents. As such, there’s no shortage of nuggets of wisdom.

4 Famous Legal Quotes Business Owners Will Love!

The law has more than its fair share of famous practitioners. It’s a profession that a plethora of renowned individuals, from ancient philosophers to presidents. As such, there’s no shortage of nuggets of wisdom.

And those quotes can provide inspiration for lawyers and business owners alike. Read on for 4 famous legal quotes that any entrepreneur will surely love.

“If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable” — Louis Brandeis

The associate Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis was an accomplished lawyer who held the position for 23 years. As such, it’s safe to say that he knew his stuff.

This quote reveals Brandeis’ relationship with the law. While the law is something that should be revered and followed, it is not absolute. Those who practice it should do so with respect, giving the law the reverence it deserves.

What business owners can learn from this

For business owners, a similar principle applies. The way you do business reflects on your industry as a whole — and your customers notice.

This is about more than including ethical or sustainability commitments into your marketing. It’s about meeting service-level agreements, treating customers and employees with respect, and eschewing unethical practices such as spamming or pushy sales tactics.

Trust and respect are essential in business. No company can avoid the spotlight of social media, and shady or unethical practices do not go unnoticed. In this digital age, reputation is everything, and a single wrong action can break your business.

“The people’s good is the highest law” — Cicero

One of the earliest and most prolific contributors to law, Cicero had many strings to his bow beyond law. Politician, orator, and philosopher, he is renowned throughout history for his work.

His quote emphasizes the role of the law as the protector of society as a whole. The law is there to maintain the safety and wellbeing of the people — this principle is at its heart.

What business owners can learn from this

For businesses, the people are your customers — they are the ones who matter to you. Their happiness and satisfaction of your customers should be your top priority, whether you’re an experienced business owner or starting a new business from scratch. While the idea of “putting the customer first” might seem platitudinous to some, it has real-world value.

Delivering a positive customer experience is crucial. It is a driver of sustained growth, encouraging customers to return for more of the same enjoyable experience.

But a good customer experience also encourages your customers to spread the word about your business. It fosters valuable social proof that manifests in a variety of places online, from social media to review websites such as Trustpilot.

And there are tools you can lean on to expedite this. Referral program software such as ReferralCandy reward customers for recommending your brand to their friends. It gives them an incentive (such as a discount code or freebie) whilst growing your consumer base — it’s a win-win.

Putting the customer first comprises many things: friendly customer service, personalized marketing, interesting and relevant content, and so on. It is this that creates a good customer experience and it has a real-world value that’s worth chasing.

“A man who never graduated from school might steal from a freight car. But a man who attends college and graduates as a lawyer might steal the whole railroad” — Theodore Roosevelt

Statesman, president, naturalist, conservationist, soldier, lawyer, even taxidermist — Teddy Roosevelt was very much an American Renaissance man. He knew the value of hard work, being home-schooled during his youth and studied at both Harvard College and Columbia Law School.

His experience clearly informed this quote. Immersing yourself in the law gives you the tools to achieve multitudes, even that which might be illegal without it. A thorough education provides the groundwork for growth and achievement and should be revered.

What business owners can learn from this

The great thing about business is that anyone can succeed in it. Yes, business school teaches you a lot, and it turns out countless knowledgeable entrepreneurs.

But the world of business has more than its fair share of graduates from the school of hard knocks. Bill Gates, Steve Gates, and even Mark Zuckerberg didn’t graduate from college, and yet they made millions in the world of business.

Professional education is recommended for those seeking to launch a business — but it’s not a necessity. There is a plethora of accessible tools and resources available that can turn even the most undereducated person into a successful CEO.

Shopify is a fine example of this in action. The ecommerce platform has helped many entrepreneurs launch successful businesses thanks to easy-to-use software, comprehensive educational resources, and a thriving community.

Gymshark, The Herbivorous Butcher, GiveMeTap — these flourishing businesses were founded, not by business graduates, but by everyday people with a passion for what they do.

Sure, graduating college could get you the whole railroad. But educating yourself and leaning on the tools and resources available to you could get you there just as effectively.

“Even when laws have been written down, they ought not always to remain unaltered” — Aristotle

Long before Cicero walked the earth was Aristotle. The Greek thinker is widely considered the father of western philosophy and has shaped law and ethics for years since.

This quote acknowledges the ephemeral nature of the law. What was right ten, twenty, or a hundred years ago is not necessarily right today. An open approach to the law ensures that the right thing can always be pursued, no matter what.

What business owners can learn from this

When we achieve business success, it can be tempting to stick rigidly to the beliefs, tools, and practices that got us here. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

But further, sustained growth relies on flexible thinking and a willingness to change. You can fly a plane into the sky, but it won’t get you into space. In short: just because something got you here, it doesn’t mean it’ll get you there.

Don’t be afraid to eschew the tried-and-tested systems and methods you’ve relied upon for years. Iteration drives success (indeed, the popularity of agile project management tools like Agilean is evidence of this). You don’t need to drop everything and dive into the unknown of course — do your research and trial new ways of doing business.

Embrace change — it is this that generates sustained business growth and prevents plateaus.

The quotes above were informed by years of hard-won experience. Consequently, they have value that everyone can learn from, regardless of profession. Take some inspiration from the quotes above and consider how they can help your own business endeavors.