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From forming your professional entity to transitioning in or out of a practice, we've got you covered.

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Odgers Law Group

We work with dentists, physicians, entrepreneurs, and families—people creating smart solutions to protect and grow what matters most in their lives.

We believe that protection and growth need to be focused on at all stages of  business, so we work dreamers, start-ups, established businesses, and those looking to slow down or get out.

We believe in simplicity. We are experts in our trade and we don’t believe in the billable hour because it misaligns the client’s and lawyer’s incentives. So, we generally work on flat fees. Removing the mystery in billing creates a better working relationship for both of us. Pretty simple, right?

Matt Odgers
"As your attorney, I strive to simplify the complex and create efficient ways to overcome obstacles. This allows my clients to protect what they have earned and grow their practices with peace of mind."

- Attorney Matt Odgers

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We use secure technology to increase our efficiencies. Because we are more efficient, we can charge less for more value.  We charge flat rates whenever possible and there are NO surprise charges;


If the only tool you have is a hammer, you may treat everything as if it were a nail.”

We do not carry around a hammer. We believe that attorneys can be too quick to go to court when problems arise.

We pride ourselves on comprehensive planning to avoid litigation. In the event that a problem does arise, we explore and exhaust all avenues before referring out to litigation counsel. This results in less stress and less unnecessary legal expenses for our clients.

Business Law Services For California Professionals.

Are you considering starting a business in San Diego? Worried about the liability that may come with that business as you interact with customers, clients or patients?

At Odgers Law Group we work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them identify the liability and risks of their ventures. From there we help them set up the right type of business entity so that they can protect their personal assets.

Understanding your options with the guidance of a California business attorney will help to ensure that you make the right decisions regarding tax consequences, ownership restrictions, and liability.

Read more on Setting up a California Business

We help clients set up:

Are you a California dentist who is considering purchasing a dental practice?

Have you built a successful dental practice and would like to recoup your investment and retire comfortably?  

As California Dental Attorneys we work with dentists on buying and selling dental practices. It is important to find an attorney who has experience in dental transactions. An inexperienced attorney can end up costing you extra for the time it takes for them to learn the intricacies of the dental field; or have an unfavorable outcome on terms like the purchase price of accounts receivable, compensation for re-treatments, amount of supplies left on hand, or the allocation of the purchase price.

If you are a California dentist and would like to talk to a dental attorney about any legal matters related to your business, feel free to reach out to us at Odgers Law Group for a free consultation.

More on Dental Transactions.

A few of the services we provide for dentists are:

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