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We believe that protection and growth for dentists needs to be focused on at all stages of  your career, so we work dreamers, start-ups, established practices, and those looking to slow down or get out.

We believe in simplicity. We are experts in our trade and try to avoid the billable hour because we believe that  it misaligns the client’s and lawyer’s incentives.

So, we generally work on flat fees. Removing the mystery in billing creates a better working relationship for both of us. Pretty simple, right?

Feel free to reach out to us anytime, our phone consults are always free.

Legal Services for Dentists

Dental Corporations

Protect your personal assets from creditors with a property formed dental corporation.

Dental Partnerships

You dont need to go it alone. We can help you start your partnership on the right foot.

Buying or Selling? A well drafted asset purchase agreement makes all the difference

Estate Planning for Dentists

Setting up a Revocable Living Trust will help you to transfer your practice in the event of dissability or death.

Dental Office Leases

A lease can be one of your practices biggests assets. Make sure you negotiate fair terms and know what you are signing.

Dental Associate Agreements

Starting a new job or hiring. We help dentists on both sides memorialize their associate agreements as employees or IC’s.

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California Dental Law Firm

Matthew Odgers Esq.

“As your attorney, I strive to simplify the complex and create efficient ways to overcome obstacles. This allows my clients to protect what they have earned and grow their practices with peace of mind.”

-Attorney Matthew Odgers

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You decide the scope of our services and where you would like our help. 


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Information gathering and Planning


Draft, Negotiate and
finalize documents

As a Dental Law Firm, We represent dentists at all stages of their Careers

Whether you are a recent dental school graduate or a seasoned practice owner looking forward to enjoying retirement, we’ve got you covered.

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We are not generalists. We focus on working with Dentists and Dental Transactions.

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