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Hiring a Dentist: Employee or Independent Contractor?

Owner dentists must make the difficult distinction between treating an associate dentist as an independent contractor or an employee. While  this has always been difficult to do, the line is becoming more and more blurred. This distinction, however, has important implications for your practice for a number of reasons: An employee has certain rights upon termination …

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Fictitious Business Name

How to Choose a Business Name

There is a lot that goes into choosing a business name when it comes to your company’s success. Choosing the right business name can make your business the talk of the town. The wrong one can doom it to obscurity and failure.

San Diego Business Lawyer

What Can Outsourced Counsel Do for a Small Business Owner?

Across San Diego, business owners like yourself are coming to realize the inherent value of outsourcing their legal affairs. The assistance of a skilled business attorney can be of invaluable help in ensuring that their businesses steer clear of trouble while continuing to run as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, while many might wish for the …

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California Professional Corporation

One of the most popular business entity for dentist’s in California is the professional corporation.  A  California professional corporation has some attractive advantages over practicing as a sole proprietor or partnership. However, to enjoy these advantages, you must first incorporate as a professional corporation, and then follow annual corporate formalities. What is a California Professional Corporation? A California Professional …

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Trademark Attorney San Diego

What is Trademark Protection?

In today’s competitive marketplace, a trademark is often the only means by which a business can distinguish itself and its services from its competitors. The name, device, symbol and expression you choose to do this needs to be yours and yours alone. You must protect these identifying marks from potential infringement, and trademark registration is …

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Plan Digital Assets

Estate Palnning for your Digital Assets

With so much of our personal and business lives being conducted online, planning for your digital assets may be the most important planning a person can do. Traditionally, estate planning attorneys and courts have divided property into two categories, real property, and personal property. Estate planning attorneys have developed excellent ways to address the disposition …

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Form a California LLC

Tips for Annual Business Maintenance in California

Keeping your business in compliance with California law is largely dependent on the type of business entity that you have. Generally speaking, corporations have the most stringent annual business maintenance formalities, while general partnerships and sole proprietors have the least stringent annual maintenance requirements. No matter what type entity you are operating under, keeping up with your legal …

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Limited Liability Company

Protect your Real Property, Part 4: LLC’s & Insurance

The following discussion is the fourth and final in a four-part series dedicated to explaining some of the options available to landlords and business owners when it comes to protecting real property investments. The first discussion in this series addressed the use of a limited-liability company (“LLC”) to protect real property investments (and can be found here), the second addressed the use of a corporation (available here), and the third addressed the use of liability insurance (available here). This final discussion will focus on detailing a balanced approach to protecting real property investments in order to shield them from potential liabilities.

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