Estate Planning

Odgers Law Group is a California Estate Planning Law Firm based in San Diego. We assist individuals and families with protecting what matters most to them through comprehensive estate planning. This includes the use of Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, HIPAA Authorizations, and other related documents.

How To Organize Your Estate

Estate planning has a lot to do with planning for the unexpected. While it may not be pleasant, it is definitely necessary to think about the future of your family if you suddenly became incapacitated or died. Would your spouse or family know what to do? Would they know where to find important records, assets and insurance documents? Would they be able to access (or even know about) online accounts or files on your computer? Taking the time to gather all the necessary information now can help alleviate anxiety and uncertainty in the future.

Wealth Protection: Avoiding Losses

You can’t create wealth until you preserve it first. Each dollar lost unnecessarily isn’t just a single dollar lost, but a compounded dollar lost. A dollar not lost allows wealth to compound from a higher floor. Losses can occur from many places beyond investments: property, income, taxes and fees. It is well worth paying for the expertise of professional advisors who are able to prevent or reduce losses in all of these areas.

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