Mission Valley Estate Planning

The Mission Valley Estate Planning Process

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is the process in which you plan for how your assets and medical decisions will be handled in the event that you can no longer make decisions for yourself.

At Odgers Law Group, we help clients transfer what they have, to whom they want,  when they want, the way they want, all while avoiding unnecessary taxes, court/attorney fees, and family turmoil.


Our Mission Valley location is operated by attorney Ray Padilla. We provide estate planning services to individuals, families, and business owners who are looking to protect their hard earned assets.

Estate Planning is highly recommended for those who:

  1. have minor children; or
  2. own a home;
  3. or have over $150,000 in assets.
If you meet any of those three requirements it is a good idea to talk to an estate planning attorney. If you do not create a plan it is very likely that your family will end up paying avoidable court costs and attorneys fees.

Mission Valley Estate Planning Package

We charge an all inclusive flat rate for our estate planning packages and they include:

  1. Revocable Living Trust
  2. Pour-Over Will
  3. Living Will
  4. Financial Power of Attorney
  5. Advance Health Care Directive
  6. HIPAA Authorization
  7. Transfer Deed
  8. Funding Memorandum
  9. Certificate of Trust
  10. Notary Fees

STEP 1.- The Estate Planning Intake

We will provide you with a copy of our comprehensive estate planning intake. We ask that you fill it out to the best of your ability prior to our initial meeting. We use this information to help determine what our clients goals are and what they are looking to protect.

STEP 2. Initial Estate Planning Meeting:

During our initial meeting an attorney at Odgers Law Group will be able to further explain the estate planning process. In addition, we will answer any questions you may have had on your intake sheet and help facilitate the decision if there are any areas that are left blank. If you are comfortable moving forwards, we will prepare our attorney-client agreement for your signature and request that half of the total fee be paid at that time.

STEP 3- Document Review

After the Initial Meeting, our estate planning attorney will send you a draft of all of your estate planning documents. We ask that you review the documents and confirm that all names, addresses, and dates are correct. Some clients prefer to read through the documents on their own and make notes if they want any changes, while others prefer to come into the office and have our attorneys go through the documents with them. Either way works perfectly fine and does not change the cost of setting up your estate plan trust. Our goal is that each client understands their documents and is comfortable with all of the decisions being made.

STEP 4- Signing Meeting

After we have made the final changes (if any) to the documents we will schedule a signing meeting with a notary to finalize your estate planning documents. We will review all of your assets and establish a plan for either transferring title to the assets  into the trust, or verify that the correct beneficiary is named. We will take care of transfer title to certain assets, and point out the assets that the client is responsible for transferring. We will then follow up to make sure everything is funded properly and provide a “Trust Funding Memorandum” with instructions for keeping the trust properly funded in the future.

Mission Valley Law Office

Contact Info

(858) 333-4003

4025 Camino Del Rio S #320,
San Diego, California – 92108


Hours of Operation

(By Appointment Only)

M-F 9:00AM-5:00PM

*In addition to the hours above we will gladly meet clients outside of our regular business hours or at their house. Please call (858) 869-1114 to make separate arrangements.

Mission Valley Estate Planning Office Directions

  1. Get on I-5 S from 1st Ave
  2. Take CA-94 E and CA-15 N to Camino del Rio S. Take exit 6B from CA-15 N
  3. Turn right onto Camino del Rio S
  4. Our Office will be on your Right
  1. Get on I-8 W
  2. Follow I-8 W to Alvarado Canyon Rd in San Diego. Take exit 8 from I-8 W
  3. Take Fairmount Ave to Camino del Rio S
  4. Our Office will be on the left
  1. Get on I-15 S
  2. Follow I-15 S. Take exit 6B from I-15 S
  3. Turn left onto Camino del Rio S
  4. Our Office will be on your Right
  1. Take I-5 S toward San Diego
  2. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 20 to merge onto I-8 E
  3. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 8 for Fairmount Ave
  4. Use the right 2 lanes to keep right at the fork, follow signs for Fairmount Ave S and merge onto Fairmount Ave
  5. Drive to Camino del Rio S
  6. Our Office will be on your Right

Se habla español- Spanish Speaking Estate Planning Attorney

Attorney Ray Padilla is fluent in Spanish and serves Spanish speaking estate planning clients out of our Mission Valley Estate Planning office.

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