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You have a brilliant idea or invention, but have you ever consider protecting that idea?

Patent Attorney

The best way to protect an idea is through a patent.

When you are looking to patent your invention, having a patent attorney is essential. A good patent attorney not only helps you determine if your idea it novel, they also help you file a patent and ensure that your invention is protected.

The patent process is a marathon and not a sprint.

Chances are, you will end up working with a patent attorney for many years. Hence, selecting the best patent attorney is a must.

First, we need to determine what patent attorneys do and how do they differ from other attorneys.

What Does a Patent Attorney Do?

A patent attorney helps individuals and businesses file a patent. Here are the most basic services a patent attorney offers:

  1. Help investors conduct research on their invention prior to filing.
  2. Guide them throughout the patent process to increase the likelihood of success
  3. Protect the patent against infringement after the patent is filed.

How is a Patent Attorney Different than a Regular Attorney? 

When writing a patent application, the least thing you want to get is to make a mistake in your judgment and conducting your business right away knowing that you think you have legal protections, when in fact, you really don’t.

Why? Simply because a poorly written patent application can be worthless if written by an inexperienced patent attorney.

That is why patent attorneys are indeed not a dime in a dozen. In order to avoid this, you should know that patent attorneys have to take a separate bar exam, and have a highly specialized knowldge of US patent law.

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6 Things  to Look for When Searching for a Patent Attorney

In order to avoid pitfall, these are some of the tips you need to know so you can begin out your hunt with the right patent lawyer:

1 Technical Patent Experience

– In order to become a lawyer, technical experience is a must. All patent lawyers must have technical degrees such as engineering in order to pass the bar. If your invention is a mechanical intention, search for a reliable mechanical engineer with considerable experience in building widgets. If you are looking for someone to help you with your software invention, then a computer or electrical engineer with experience in writing software should be your choice.

2 Small Patent firms vs. Big Law

There is just a tiny difference between solo firms and large firms. What’s more important is that you know who will pen your patent application and that you have your background of that specific patent attorney you are working with.

3 Cost to File a Patent in San Diego

Patent costs differ from company to company. That is why you should select a patent attorney that would tell you the right picture of all the expenditures upfront. Not only that they will give you the actual costs, but they should also stick and fix to a cap of your budget for filing your patent application. To give you an idea, here are some tips you might need to know when it comes to patent billing:


San Diego Patent Lawyer
    Hourly billing– gives client little or no upfront knowledge when it comes to how much a specific patent will actually cost. Typically in large companies, every attorney might have a specific hourly rate depending on how fast they could write your patent application and other required services you might need. This, in turn, might not be possible for you to know upfront just how much it might cost. But still, most old firms still use hourly billing up until today.
    Flat fee billing– it is a recent trend in law firms today. It gives client that clearest idea of all their costs so that you can decide effectively and efficiently. But still, you need to lookout for low fees such as offers with 50% or above, lower than the going rate. Patent attorneys that charge at a low fees may be inexperienced or have had a difficult time searching for clients in the past.

4 Workloads

If the patent attorney has a high workload, that means they are good. Work naturally finds those who are best in performing it. One indicator of an incapable patent attorney is that they don’t have much work because of client being unhappy or other issues. There is exception, though, as there may be some patent attorneys who simply chose to have a light work schedule or they might be getting back to this respective field after some event.

5 Prosecution Success

Prosecution is the way of acquiring a patent through a patent office. The best way to judge a good patent attorney is their ability to get patents through patent office in the most efficient way.

6 Referrals

Word of mouth is also one of the best ways in selecting a patent attorney. Referrals are a good way in finding your patent attorney because of other client’s experience working with them. Unfortunately, not all people can find a patent attorney in time when they are in need of a patent. Did you know that the US Patent Office has only a total of 60,000 US patent lawyers or agents? That only makes up to lower than 0.02%. A good recommendation of a patent attorney from an attorney you trust is one good way to find the right patent law

Now you might wonder why to choose Odgers Law Group, here’s why:

Odgers Law Group has developed a strategic partnership with of counsel patent attorneys who  can manage hundreds of new patent requests every year for everything from unique mechanical designs and inventions, to intricate electrical patents, chemical patents, biotechnology and even mobile app patents.

We use the latest and more reliable services to register your patent application, both domestically and globally through WIPO or directly in the US or foreign country of interest.  When it’s time to license or get your new unique technology into the marketplace, we are right here for you. Through our advanced licensing listing connections with the best firms in the industry, we help draft and adjust and negotiate license agreements at just the right time.

  • Patentability Search Opinion
  • Registration of unique patents, new trademarks, and copyrights
  • Security for brand identity
  • Provisional Patent Application
  • Non-provisional patent application
  • Handling all types of unique intellectual property portfolios
  • Guidance on business intelligence and the latest trade secrets
  • Monitoring Trademark
  • Guidance in acknowledging self-completed applications

Get Started Right Now to Secure and Protect Your Intellectual Property Now

For business people and individuals, we give a manageable, affordable online petition process. All you must do is follow the steps and available links, and you can in no time file your unique patent, a new copyright or trademark right here online in just minutes. By presenting it through us, we are marked as your US patent attorney and will be the legal representative in all associated matters. It ensures your data is private and secure, and sets a boundary between you and scam experts who could attempt to deceive and trick you. Rely on us when you do require additional assistance from one of our expert US patent attorneys. Besides, we provide low rate services for all patent related matters.

In addition, for our new entrepreneurs and small clients who may not have all the right resources and budget to let us control and deal everything, we offer flat rate services. We also provide customized services for big corporate companies who require special attention.

San Diego Patent Attorney Services


  • Patentability Search & Opinion
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Invention Harvesting
  • Landscape Report & Analysis
  • Evidence of Use Charts & Analysis

Patent Applications:

  • Design Patent Applications
  • Utility (Provisional) Patent Applications
  • Utility (Non-Provisional) Patent Applications: Plant Patent Application

USPTO Office Actions:

  • Non-Final Rejections
  • Final Rejections
  • Appeals
  • Petitions

Post-Grant Actions:

  • Inter Partes Review
  • Post Grant Reviews
  • Covered Business Method (CBM) Patent Proceedings
  • Reexamination Proceedings
  • Reissue Proceedings
  • Interference Proceedings
  • Derivation Proceedings
  • Appealing a PTAB Decision

Patent Opinions/ Legal Opinions:

  • Freedom to Operate Opinion
  • Validity Opinion
  • Invalidity Opinion
  • ​Infringement Opinion
  • Non-Infringement Opinion

Protect Your Patent with Odgers Law Group

You’ve toiled hard to build a name, business, and identity that you’re proud of, so don’t let anyone ever snatch that away from you. Odgers Law Group is here to help. Whether your company requires help guarding the intellectual property, or you’re an upcoming fresh entrepreneur who’s exploding with ideas and wants legal protection, our team can help you. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you apply for patents and protect your fresh new ideas and intellectual properties.

Meet your San Diego Patent Attorney

Intellectual Property Attorney

JD Houvener


J.D. Houvener is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who is passionate about protecting the intellectual property for start-ups and entrepreneurs. He is the founder of BOLD IP, an intellectual property firm based out of Washington. In 2017 J.D. and his firm began associating with Odgers Law Group as Of Counsel for our Intellectual Property Practice. J.D. brings with him a wealth of technical knowledge from his background working as an engineer in the aerospace industry. This experience allows J.D. to recognize and implement strategies to help clients protect their assets and limit their liability all while being able to fully leverage opportunities.

J.D. is well versed in submitting basic and complex patent applications, conducting patentability searches, office actions, infringement opinion, and post-grant actions. In addition J.D. regulary consults on patent strategy and portfolio management. consulting on patent. Some key areas of the patent prosecution practice are patentability searches, patent applications, office actions, infringement opinions, post-grant actions and consultation on patent strategy and portfolio management.

J.D.’s passion for business and technology started well before he began his legal career. J.D. worked as an engineer at Boeing for nearly 10 years. J.D. spent his time at Boeing in payloads design, regulatory compliance, systems integration and project management on the new 787 airplane. J.D. brings this experience earned at the cutting edge of technology to his clients by recognizing the complexities and subtleties of the problems being solved today.