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If you’re operating a veterinary practice in California, it’s important to have access to the specialized legal assistance you’ll need along the way. This means hiring an attorney well versed in veterinary law rather than just any general business attorney. A specialized veterinarian attorney knows the specific laws that apply to your veterinary practice and has experience drafting the types of agreements you need for a veterinary practice purchase or any other legal move.

Even if you’re not currently planning on making any changes, it is wise to have an attorney well versed in veterinary law whom you can consult at any time for legal advice. After all, you’ll want to do all you can to reduce your chances of being surprised with a lawsuit or having to bring a lawsuit against someone else.

We offer a variety of veterinary law services for clients who choose us as their veterinarian attorney.


  • Veterinary Corporation
  • Veterinary Practice Sales
  • Veterinary Practice Purchases
  • Veterinary Associate Agreements
  • Veterinary Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Veterinary Practice Leases
  • Estate Planning for Veterinarians

Veterinary Mergers and Acquisitions/ Veterinary Transactions

Whether you’re buying or selling a veterinary practice, or joining your current practice with another, you need a veterinarian attorney to help. Veterinary practice transitions do not need to be overly complicated, but there is room for major mistakes if not executed properly. If you want to reduce the chance of legal issues arising before you sign the paperwork, we encourage you to contact us for legal assistance from start to finish.

Veterinary Professional Corporations

Taking your practice from a sole proprietorship (or partnership) to a veterinary professional corporation, you will need a veterinarian attorney to guide you through this process. Choosing the correct entity will make sure that you protect your personal assets in the event of a lawsuit. In addition, by setting up an S-Corp, veterinarians can potentially save on certain taxes annually.   We can help you draft the bylaws, articles of incorporation and other required documents.

Asset Purchase Agreements for Veterinarians

When buying the assets of a veterinary practice, you’ll need the help of an experienced veterinary law attorney. When you hire our firm to act as your veterinarian attorney, we can assist you in figuring out the details of everything from accounts receivable to the lease agreement.

Leasing  Space for your Veterinary Practice

Finding the right location for your veterinary practice can make or break the success of your business. The attorneys at Odgers Law Group are well versed in veterinary law and negotiating commercial veterinary leases. We help veterinarians get into a lease that is fair and makes them feel comfortable growing their business. In addition, we help draft and negotiate space-sharing agreements between established veterinary practices and those looking to start a business.

Veterinarian Associate Buy-In

An associate buy-in is one type of veterinary practice purchase that can benefit all parties. It allows the buying veterinarian to “test drive” the practice to see if it is a good fit prior to committing. In addition, it gives the selling veterinarian the ability to make sure that the transition is clean and the business continues to operate. If you decide this is the right move for you and the associate you’re working with, our veterinary law firm can help set it up.

Partnerships for Veterinarians

It’s common to form a partnership between two veterinarians. Whether it be two successful veterinarians looking to team up, or an older veterinarian looking to find a successor. As long as you have an experienced veterinary law attorney to help, this process should go smoothly. At Odgers Law Group, in addition to a well-drafted veterinary partnership agreement, we always recommend that our veterinarians enter into a buy-sell agreement when considering partnering with another veterinarian.

Veterinarian Employment Agreements and Non-Competition Provisions

Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, you might need help drafting contracts that will affect the practice in the long run. A non-competition agreement is one example of such paperwork; it will ensure the seller does not compete with the practice after the purchase has been completed. A veterinarian attorney can help you draft this type of document and other employment agreements.

Los Angeles Veterinary Attorney

Odgers Law Group offices in Century City where you can meet with an experienced Los Angeles Veterinary Attorney in person for a free consultation. Our Los Angeles Veterinary Attorney is located in Century City, however, we have access to several offices throughout Los Angeles County for our client’s convenience.

Veterinary Attorney San Diego

In Addition to our Los Angeles office, We have several San Diego veterinary law offices where you can meet with a San Diego veterinary attorney for a no-cost consultation. Our veterinary law offices are located in Poway and Mission Valley.

If you need these veterinary law services for your veterinarian practice, please contact Odgers Law Group today to set up a consultation with a veterinarian attorney you can trust.

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