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Do you understand the importance of estate planning but cant find the time to make it into an attorneys office? We understand. You should consider setting up a phone call with one of our California Virtual Estate Planning Attorneys.

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You get the full attention of one of our experienced virtual estate planning attorneys.

All without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

How Does Virtual Estate Planning Work?

Step 1

Free Phone Consult

Step 2

Intital Virtual Meeting


Drafting and Review


Signing and Funding

Meet our California Virtual Estate Planning Attorney “Trust Team”

Simple Virtual Will Based Estate Plan
$750Flat Rate
  • 1 Will
  • 1 Durable Power of Attorney
  • 1 Financial Power of Attorney
  • 1 HIPAA Authorization
  • 3 hours of attorney time.
Virtual Trust Estate Plan (single person)
$1250flat rate
  • 1 Single Revocable Living Trust
  • 1 Will
  • 1 Durable Power of Attorney
  • 1 Financial Power of Attorney
  • 1 HIPAA Authorization
  • 3 hours of attorney time.
  • Deed Preparation
  • Notary and Deed Filing are not included

Is Virtual Estate Planning Safe and Confidential?

After our initial consultation, If we agree to work together, you will be provided with log in access to our secure portal. The benefit of our secure portal is that we utilize state of the art privacy protection used by government and banking institurions (unlike many e-mail servers).  In addition, you will access to your portal at all times of the day or night.


  1. Complete custom drafted online forms and recieve feedback from your attorney;
  2. Access explainer videos for each stage of the estate planning process;
  3. Recieve feedback and reccomendations for any questions that arise during the process;
  4. Schedule a time for a live consult with your attorney either via phone or video chat;
  5. Upload and download sensitive documents
  6. Have real time access to all invoices and pay legal bills


Step 1: Click here to provide us with general information and agree to our terms of service.

Step 2: A message will appear acknowledging your request for an introductory phone conference with a link to our attorneys calendars where you can choose an appointment that works with your schedule.

Step 3: We request a non-refundable $50 deposit to block off the attorneys time (which will be credited toward the total fees should you decide to move forward). During the consult we will answer any questions you have about the process, and determine whether your legal needs can be addressed in an online setting.

Keep in mind, not all estate planning is efficient in an online manner. If we determine that the facts of your situation require an in person meeting, or advanced planning, we let you know during your consultation.

We will always tell you the cost of the legal services you request up front before starting any work on your behalf.

Step 4. We will send you our attorney client agreement for you electronically sign and ask that you make payment or enroll in our payment plan at this time. Once you have signed up and made payment we will send you an e-mail.

Step 5. After you gain access to your portal you will be directed to our online estate planning intake. Throughout the intake process, there will be explainer videos, and places where you can ask questions for your attorney to respond to.

Step 6. Once your intake is completed, within 7 business days, your attorney will draft all of your estate planning documents and upload them into the portal.

Step 7. We request that you review your estate planning documents and once reviewed, access the calendaring page and schedule a follow-up phone call/video conference with your attorney. During this conference your attorney will be able to answer any questions you may have and make any changes you would like made.

Step 8. After your attorney has finalized all of your documents he or she will upload them into your secure portal for you to do one final review. This will be your last chance to request any changes. After we have finalized your documents we will print them out and bind them and send them to you first class registered mail.

Step 9. In the final package we will provide detailed instructions for you to provide to legally execute all documents with a notary and a detailed memo on how to properly fund your tust. After your documents have been signed, we strongly reccomend that you scan and upload an electronic version of the final documents into your Secure Portal.

Step 10. You may schedule a final phone call/video conference with your attorney to answer any questions regarding the funding of your estate plan, and any other questions you may have.

I’m looking forward to working with you!