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Is it Safe to Do Estate Planning Online?


  1. Complete custom drafted online forms and receive feedback from your attorney
  2. Access explainer videos for each stage of the estate planning process
  3. Receive feedback and recommendations for any questions that arise during the process
  4. Schedule a time for a live consult with your attorney either via phone or video chat
  5. Upload and download sensitive documents
  6. Have real-time access to all invoices and pay legal bills

So... How does virtual estate planning work?

Virtual Estate Plan in 7 Simple Steps

Click here to contact us with your general information and to ask any questions about our services.

We will answer any questions you have about our estate planning process during the consultation and determine if your legal needs can be met in an online setting.

Please note, the total cost of the legal services you request will be quoted during the consultation.

We believe directly communicating the cost of services upfront is the best policy.

We will send you our attorney client agreement that can be electronically signed. At this time, we will ask you to make payment or enroll in our payment plan.

Upon completing the above two steps, you will receive an email with additional instructions on how to access your secure client portal.

This is where your documents will be uploaded and shared throughout the estate planning process.

You will receive access to your online portal and be directed to filling out an estate planning intake form.

Furthermore, you will be provided with explainer videos to help guide you throughout the intake form process.

If you have any additional questions emerge, an attorney will be made available .

Within seven days of completing your intake form, your attorney will have your estate planning documents drafted and uploaded into your portal.

It is imperative that you review your estate planning documents. Upon completing this task, you will be able to access your attorney’s calendar and schedule a conference call in order to discuss the draft documents.

This conference call will be a dedicated time for your attorney to answer questions you might have and make any necessary changes to your estate plan.

Once your attorney has finalized your documents, your estate plan will be uploaded to your secure portal for one final review. This will be your last review of the documents and opportunity to request additional changes.

Once your estate planning documents have been officially finalized, they will be printed and placed in a binder. Odgers Law Group will then send them to you via first-class registered mail.

In the final package we will provide detailed instructions for you to  legally execute all documents with a notary and a detailed memo on how to properly fund your Trust.

After Signing

It is recommended that you scan and upload an electronic version of your final documents to your secure portal once they have been signed.

Also, if you find that you have additional questions, such as the funding of your estate plan, you will be able to schedule a final conference call with your attorney.

Is Virtual Estate Planning Online Safe and Confidential?

Secure Client Portal

If we move forward after the phone consultation, you will be provided with your credentials to access our secure portal. We utilize the same state-of-the-art privacy protection that the government and banking institutions have adopted. Your portal will be made available to you 24/7.

24/7 Secure Estate Planning Portal Access


Al-a-carte Services

For thoese who dont need a full estate plan
  • Revocable Living Trust -$799
  • Last Will and Testiment- $499
  • Advanced Health Care Directive - $249
  • Financial Power of Attorney- $249
  • HIPAA Authorization $249
  • Funding Instructions- $199
  • Transfer Deed- $450
  • Transfer Deed- $450
  • Living Will- $299

Individual Trust Based Virtual Estate Plan

Perfect for individuals who own real estate, assets valued over $150k, or have children
$ 950
  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Pour Over Will
  • Advanced Health Care Directive
  • Living Will
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • HIPAA Authorization\
  • Funding Instructions for Trust
  • Instructions for Signing and Recording Deed

Family Trust Based Virtual Estate Plan

Perfect for Families who own real estate, assets valued over $150k, or have children
$ 1250
  • Joint Revocable Living Trust
  • Pour Over Will for Each Spouse
  • Advanced Health Care Directive for Each Spouse
  • Living Will for Each Spouse
  • Financial Power of Attorney for Each Spouse
  • HIPAA Authorization for Each Spouse
  • Funding Instructions for Trust
  • Instructions for Signing and Recording Deed

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Estate Planning Online

Virtual Estate Planning F.A.Q's

Roughly 1-2 weeks.

Most clients are able to complete their estate planning intake in a single 30 minute setting. Once you have completed and submitted your intake form, it will take your attorney up to 7 business days to draft your estate plan.

Quick Turn Around

After you have reviewed your initial estate plan and had a chance to speak with your attorney regarding requested amendments, it will take 48 hours for the changes to your documents to be made. At this time, your attorney will bind and mail your finalized estate plan for you to sign.

Yes. Our California Licensed estate planning attorneys have each drafted 300+ estate plans for satisfied customers.

Yes, we have two offices in San Diego. However, our fees vary for in person planning page.

Click here to see our traditional estate planning services.

We are able to keep our virtual estate planning rates low by unbundling our estate planning services and charging you only for the legal advice you are receiving.


We can refer you to a mobile notary or you can visit a UPS Store or Postal Annex to have your documents notarized.

In addition, some banks offer free notary services to clients who bank with them.

Odgers Law Group will be happy to quote you a flat rate for any future revisions based on the complexity of the revision.

There are no additional fees for your estate planning documents, but please note you will be responsible for any notary fees or recording fees.

Yes, we offer transnational business law services virtually. These include:

LLC Formation

Corporate Formation

Contract Review/Negotiation

Business Purchase and Sales

Dental Law Services

NDA’s Agreements

Outsourced General Counsel

After you fill out your intake form you will have a virtual meeting with an attorney. Your attorney will review your intake and make recommendations. With your approval, they will then move forward to the drafting stage.

Learn More: 21 Step Estate Planning Checklist

Neither a computer or a webcam is required for our services. However, they will make the process go much smoother. Please contact us for more information.

Estate planning is something both powerful and delicate, requiring a balance of directness and grace. Matthew has both of these qualities. He is able to ask the necessary questions, while holding his clients up with dignity and respect. His thoughtfulness, thoroughness and approach are phenomenal. I will be working with Matthew for the foreseeable future and will recommend him to anyone I care about for their estate planning needs

Kirk Hinkleman

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